Turquie : La première personne transgenre à être couronnée reine de beauté

Turquie : La première personne transgenre à être couronnée reine de beauté

>> First Transgender Beauty Queen Emerges!

Plusieurs personnes gays, lesbiennes et bisexuelles et transgenres ont participé à l’évènement afin de dénoncer la discrimination à laquelle ils font face à tous les jours. Yanki Bayramoglu est devenue la première personne transgenre à être couronnée reine de beauté, selon le Daily Mail.

Un groupe à la défense des droits de la communauté LGBT affirme que plus de 70 personnes transsexuelles ont été tuées dans le pays depuis 2002. Un rapport d’Amnistie internationale rédigé en 2011 affirme que les crimes violents envers celles-ci sont souvent ignorés des autorités.

Les participants du concours de beauté ont voulu lancer un message au monde entier durant la compétition. Une foule de 500 personnes était présente à l’évènement, jugé par huit personnes transgenres.

>> The first ever transgender beauty pageant has been held in Turkey and photos from the contest have emerged.

Different contestants from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LBGT) people joined the contest despite continual legal challenges and discrimination they are faced with daily.
Anna Narin, emerged winner of ‘Best dressed’ in the pageant, Yanki Bayramoglu won the contest, becoming the first transgender beauty queen, Mail Online says.

Advocacy group LGBT Turkey say 70 transgender people have been killed in the country since 2002.

According to a 2011 report by Amnesty International, hate crimes in Turkey towards gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people – including violent attacks and murders – are common but largely ignored by the authorities.

But competitors in the pageant were determined to take a stand – and make the most out of the day.

Taking part in the contest was an act of bravery as transgender people are often persecuted in Turkey.

Photographer Sedat Suna was there to capture the friendly yet competitive atmosphere behind the scenes as well as the on-stage performances.

Backstage, contestants helped their rivals with hair styling, make-up and arranging the costumes to ensure everyone looked their best.

Watched by a crowd of around 500, a jury of eight transgender people were responsible for awarding points to the 13 competitors who appeared first in bikinis and later in a full dress show and Yanki Bayramoglu finally took the crown.

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