Un "mariage gay" avec adoption pour Ashton Kutcher et Jon Cryer

Un "mariage gay" avec adoption pour Ashton Kutcher et Jon Cryer

>> ‘Two and a Half Men’ to Feature Gay Wedding During Its Final Season

La série Mon oncle Charlie entamera en septembre la diffusion de son ultime saison. Selon le site américain TV/Line, les scénaristes ont prévu une demande en mariage pour l’un des derniers épisodes de la sitcom, entre « Walden » (Ashton Kutcher) qui demandera la main de son colocataire squatteur Alan (Jon Cryer).

En pleine crise existentialiste à cause d’un souci de santé, il souhaite donner un sens à sa vie en adoptant un enfant. Or, son statut d’homme célibataire risque de compromettre son dossier. C’est pourquoi il envisage d’épouser Alan afin qu’ils puissent adopter ensemble un bébé en tant que couple homo, comme l’autorise la loi américaine.

Mon oncle Charlie a été créé en septembre 2003. La sitcom de CBS a survécu au départ tumultueux de sa star Charlie Sheen à la saison 8. Arrivé dès la salve d’épisodes suivante, Ashton Kutcher a su faire oublier son turbulent prédécesseur et donner un coup de frais à la série familiale. La onzième saison diffusée entre septembre 2013 et mai 2014 a séduit jusqu’à 11,59 millions de téléspectateurs américains.

>> In this, the 12th and final season of Two And A Half Men, leads Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher will be getting married – to each other.

That’s right – Walden (Kutcher) and Alan (Cryer) will be in a same sex marriage in order to adopt. CBS entertainment chairman Nina Tassler made the announcement to reporters at Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills Thursday.

During the new season Walden will have a health crisis that will make him reevaluate his life and perhaps change his playboy ways. He decides to adopt a child.

Tassler said, « He starts the [adoption] process and realizes it’s very difficult to adopt the child as a single straight man. So, once and for all, he decides he’s going to propose to Alan – they’re going to adopt a child as a ‘gay’ couple. »

Will the storyline – which looks to be lifted directly from the 2007 Adam Sandler and Kevin James film I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry upset some in the LGBT community? Show creator Chuck Lorre hopes not.

Lorre told E! News on Thursday, « The show has always caused controversy. We have. There’s no intention to insult or diminish anyone. The intention is to create laughter. That’s it. Great laughter and if it’s got a heartbeat in there that would be nice, too. »

(GLAAD is keeping mum on the storyline until they see it.)

Lorre feels it brings the show full circle, « I thought it was both very funny and heartwarming that these guys would go to such great lengths to get a kid out of the foster system and give him a home. Yes, there’s some subterfuge in doing that, they are gaming the system, but the intention is to give a child a home, and it brings the series back to being about two men teaching a young man to become a man. »

Despite a change in their relationship status’, Alan and Walden’s « romantic travails will go forward, » Lorre explains. « Because as soon as the child is part of this household, then their lives go on. It’s a TV series. It’s not a movie. Their lives go on. And they’re going to be cheating spouses. »

And, Lorre adds, Two And A Half Men will lose none of what made it a hit in the first place: « There will be more sex and more sex jokes. We know what this show is. There’s no effort here on our last and final season to try and reach for any dignity. It’s too late for that. »